Wild Sheep Foundation (WSF)


To be the best managed, most respected and most influential conservation organization in the world, for the benefit of wild sheep worldwide.


To Put and Keep Wild Sheep on the Mountain™


We enhance wild sheep populations, promote scientific wildlife management, educate the public and youth on sustainable use and the conservation benefits of hunting while promoting the interests of the hunter.

“The Wild Sheep Foundation is pleased to join our partner, the Boone and Crockett Club, in this important and much needed outreach initiative. Hunters and anglers were the first and remain the foremost conservationists of our wild lands, wild fish and wildlife but, we are lacking in communicating this fact to an increasingly uninformed majority. Often, our messages miss the mark, or worse, portray not the essence of hunting, the bond and passion hunters have for wildlife and hunting’s crucial role in wildlife and habitat conservation, but rather hunting as nothing more than blood sport. The Hunt Right: Hunt Fair Chase initiative’s aim is to help set our noble record straight and educate our own community that our actions, words, and messaging have consequences.” – Gray N. Thornton President and CEO, and B&C member

Please visit their website: www.wildsheepfoundation.org