The Measure of Success

The measure of a hunt is a measure of ourselves.

If we think about it, this is true in everything we do. In hunting, getting our game is the purpose, but not the only purpose. If this is true, filling our tag is a measure of success, but not the only one. If it were the only measure we would be disappointed most times and likely find something else to do.

How much of the hunting experience is thinking about going hunting, practicing, honing skills, scouting, setting stands and preparing? How much of it is the chase, the strategies, the physical and mental effort, the uncomfortable conditions; the challenges overcome?

One of the many benefits about hunting is that it teaches and never stops teaching. It forces us to learn, prepare, acquire skills, and solve problems. In other words, it teaches life skills and character. If we rest everything upon a kill, something very special about hunting will be lost. You.